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Investment Opportunities in the Central Bohemia Region

The Central Bohemia Region is a unique region located in the very center of Europe and in the immediate vicinity of Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic. At the same time, the Central Bohemia Region is one of the most important regions of the Czech Republic and a region with significant potential for further development. The Central Bohemia Region supports investments in prospective fields and services with high added value, as well as science and research.

The region has a wide range of investment opportunities. The zones offer the possibility of implementing new investments either in free or partially occupied areas. Great emphasis is put on the use of brownfields. Brownfield is a property (land or object) that is located on currently or previously built up territory which is not effectively used and which is neglected and possibly contaminated. It is a property that can not be effectively utilized without the regeneration process. Brownfield usually arises as a remnant of industrial, agricultural, residential development or other activity. Major brownfield regeneration projects in the Central Bohemia Region include: Poldi Kladno, former Tuchlovice mine and former Military Training Facilities (BVVP) Milovice - Mladá and Ralsko.

A clear set of selected investment opportunities is presented in the Investment Opportunities Catalog of the Central Bohemia Region. The catalog is a part of a comprehensive set of materials that the Central Bohemia Region regularly prepares (in co-operation with the Central Bohemia municipalities and towns) for domestic and foreign investors. In addition to the implementation and support of concrete brownfield regeneration projects, the Central Bohemia Region has participated in several independent research projects on deprivation zones. In case you are interested in the above mentioned topics and other information about the current investment opportunities in our region, contact the Regional Development Department of the Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region.

Selected investment opportunities in the Central Bohemia Region in the map application: