The Central Bohemia Region is internally diverse both in terms of its economy and demographics. While the areas in close vicinity of the capital city (mainly the districts of Prague - East, Prague-West and Kladno) form one metropolitan area with Prague, which is manifested, for example, by the minimum unemployment rate or the favorable demographic development, the territories at the regional borders suffer from rather unfavorable economic and social indicators, and from a geographic point of view they can be considered as the so-called internal periphery.


Population of the Region 1 403 983 (30. 9. 2021)
Average monthly wage 37 606 Kč (1. - 9. 2021)
General unemployment rate (ILO) 2,98 % (31. 12. 2021)
Area 10 928 km2 (1. 1. 2022)
Number of municipalities 1 144