The Central Bohemia Region is a self-governing territorial unit and at the same time it is an EU cohesion region and thus forms the statistical unit NUTS 2.

Administratively, the Central Bohemia Region is divided into further 26 self-governing territorial units - municipalities with extended powers.

Municipalities with extended powers were given most of the competencies previously exercised by district authorities (e.g. issuing of civil ID cards, passports and driving licenses and registration of vehicles).

Municipalities with extended powers are further divided into municipalities with a designated municipal office.

There are 55 municipalities in the Central Bohemia Region with a designated municipal office.

The smallest administrative unit is the municipality.

Territorial breakdown is defined by Act no. 36/1960 Coll., which divides the regions into districts and districts into municipalities and military training facilities. The territory of a municipality is defined by the borders of one or more contiguous cadastral areas.

From a territorial point of view, the Central Bohemia Region is divided into 12 districts. The districts can continue to be used for territorial identification of the individual settlements (municipalities), because the territory of the districts determines the territorial jurisdiction of a number of specialized bodies of state administration (e.g. cadastral offices, employment offices, district social security administration, land offices, etc.).