Welcome to the largest region of the Czech Republic - the Central Bohemia Region. It surrounds the capital city of Prague and all locations are easily accessible by car or by public transport. The Central Bohemia Region, with 1,300,000 inhabitants, stretches on more than 11,000 square kilometers. It boasts a diverse set of cultural and technical sights and offers beautiful nature with deep forests, rock massifs and expenses of water. Unique and monumental castles and chateaux with large parks attract visitors and offers adventures into the lives of our ancestors. The most important cultural objects are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List - the historical center of Kutná Hora with the Church of St.Barbora and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Sedlec. Lovers of technical uniqueness can visit, for example, the Škoda automobile brand museum in Mladá Boleslav or the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic in Příbram. Sport enthusiasts will appreciate, for example, the possibility of cycling in a diverse terrain ranging from hilly to flat, a number of aqua-parks and natural swimming pools. The Central Bohemia Region annually receives over a million tourists. We will be happy if you join their ranks this year, too.


1. Křivoklát

One of the oldest and most significant Czech castles. During the tour, visitors will see a beautiful late-Gothic castle chapel, a royal and knight's hall with an exhibition of Gothic paintings and sculptures, a Fürstenberg library with 50,000 volumes, an exquisite Fürstenberg museum and a picture gallery. The visitor will also visit a prison and torture facilities with torture instruments, a monumental big tower with hunting collections, or s/he can walk on the rampart walls.

2. Karlštejn

The castle was founded in 1348 by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. as a place to store royal treasures, especially the collections of holy relics and Imperial coronation jewels. Karlštejn is probably the most famous Czech castle. The original wall decoration of 129 plate paintings made by Master Theodorik in the chapel of St. Cross from the 14th century is quite unique.

3. Loučeň Chateau, Labyrintharium and park

The Baroque Chateau offers an exposition that will take you to the times of the princely families of Thurn and Taxis. It is surrounded by the unique Labyrintarium with twelve mazes and labyrinths in the English Park. Thematic tours and extensive accompanying programs for children, lodging in chateau apartments all offered by "the chateau that lives".

4. Kutná Hora

The only UNESCO city in the Central Bohemia Region (since 1995). The biggest attractions of the city include the Cemetery Church of All Saints (the Ossuary), the Church of St. Barbora (UNESCO), the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist in Sedlec (UNESCO), the Czech Silver Museum, including a tour of the original medieval silver mine and Vlašský dvůr, the former royal mint and the seat of Czech kings. In addition, you can visit GASK Gallery of Modern Art in the Jesuit College, Dačický dům with an interactive exposition, or Klimeška, sports and recreation area (bobsled, quad bikes, summer aqua-park). An interesting place is the so-called "surf facie" - the national nature monument "Na Vrších" since 1933.

5. Mělník

The city, situated at the confluence of the Elbe river and the Vltava river, famous for its grape growing and traditional vintage. The dominating feature is the viewing tower of the cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul. Under the cathedral´s presbytery, there is one of the most interesting ossuaries in our country.  Mělník underground is also interesting. The local chateau has belonged to the Lobkowicz family since 1753. In the chateau, you can visit the exposition of contemporary furniture and a collection of paintings of famous painters. You can also taste wine from the chateau vineyards in local wine cellars.

6. ŠKODA Museum

The museum of the Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer maps its history from the beginnings of the ŠKODA brand to the present. At the same time it is possible to visit the production facilities in Mladá Boleslav (Mon - Fri from 09.00 to 17.00, except production stoppage periods).

7. Průhonice Park and Chateau

The significance of the chateau and the park is evidenced by their presence in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Neo-Renaissance chateau is inherently linked with the 250-hectare park, including a large collection of domestic and foreign plants and habitats.

8. Konopiště Chateau

The chateau has still retained the appearance of the times of Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este. In addition to the chateau chambers with a rich collection of hunting trophies, it offers a tour of the Rose Garden with a cork pavilion, St. George museum and Bear pavilion. Near the chateau complex, you can find Jawa Museum in Konopiště, reminiscent of the history of motorcycle production of this legendary brand. It is the official factory museum.

9. Český Šternberk Castle

The majestic stone mansion on the rocky promontory over the Sázava river has served the Šternberk family over 770 years, to this day. It offers a tour of the castle interiors, which are decorated with a unique collection of bronze engravings from the Thirty Years' War.

10. Poděbrady

The picturesque spa town on the banks of the Elbe river, with a park and a spa colonnade in the very heart of the town. The year 1905 was a milestone, when a strong spring of mineral carbonated water was discovered in the chateau courtyard. The first spa season began here in 1908. Since 1926, the local spas have specialized in the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases. The city's undulating flat terrain and its surroundings invite you to pedestrian, inline skating or cycling trips. The cruise and restaurant ship King George also offers the possibility of sightseeing trips both to the confluence of the Elbe and Cidlina rivers and to the town of Nymburk.

11. Chateau Dobříš

The Rococo chateau with adjacent parks dates back to the second half of the 18th century had belonged to the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family until the expropriation in favor of the German Empire in 1942. Subsequently, in 1945 the Czechoslovak state performed a confiscation, which was followed by the establishment of the House of Writers under the auspices of the Union of Czechoslovak Writers. Since 1998, the chateau has belonged again to the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family and has undergone extensive reconstruction. Currently it offers 3 tours.

12. Příbram

The Mining Museum of Příbram is the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic. The Mining Open-Air Museum offers mine train rides, mine sightseeing tours, riding a mine lift, or sliding down to a giant water wheel. Svatá Hora, the most important and oldest Marian pilgrimage site in Bohemia, is situated above the town. In the center of the town there is the NATURA HOUSE, a multi-functional building that currently offers five expositions (Brdy Protected Landscape Area, History of the former Brdy Military Grounds, Live Nature - Reptiles and Amphibians of the Czech Republic, Sphingidae Museum - the second largest museum of hawk moths in the world and Heavenly Czech Republic - Photographic exhibition). At Ernestinum Chateau you can visit the František Drtikol Gallery with a selection of photographic works from 1901 to 1935.

13. Monínec ski and sports center

The largest and most modern ski resort in the heart of Bohemia. Thanks to the most modern artificial snow facilities, it is possible to ski here even at times when people have already switched to bikes elsewhere. There is a modern four-chairlift and ski lift, artificial snow, snow park, day and night skiing. In the summer, there are two rope parks - one specially designated for children, the other for adults, disco-golf, tubing, mountain scooters, mountain board, archery or bungee trampolines.

14. Kolín

The dominant feature of the city is the Gothic church of St. Bartholomew, rebuilt according to Petr Parler's project. The Regional Museum of Kolín organizes tours of the church. The City Information Center carries out tours of the city, the Práchovna tower and the Synagogue. It also provides access to the Kolín lapidarium and the two Jewish cemeteries. The Old Jewish Cemetery, housing more than 2,600 tombstones, is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic, together with the Prague Cemetery. Another dominant feature is the Kolín Waterworks lookout tower. Families with children are recommended to visit the Kolín Beet Groove.

15. Public Benefit Organizations of the Central Bohemia Region in the Field of Culture

a) the Gallery of the Central Bohemia Region, b) the Central Bohemia Museum in Roztoky u Prahy, c) the Museum of Podblanice, d) the Museum of the Czech Karst, e) the Sládeček Geographic Museum in Kladno, f) the Regional Museum in Kolín, g) the Czech Museum of Silver, h) the Regional Museum of Mělník, ch) the Museum of Mladá Boleslav region, i) the Elbe Valley Muzeum, j) the Regional Museum of Prague - East, k) the Regional Museum in Jílové u Prahy, l) the Mining Museum in Příbram, m) the Karel Čapek Memorial in Staré Hutě u Dobříše, n) the Antonín Dvořák Monument in Vysoká u Příbrami, o) the T.G.M. Museum in Rakovník, p) the Rabas Gallery in Rakovník